Update sent to the court

We have recently filed several documents with the court, including an update submission, a new witness statement and a timeline of events.

Delay to proceedings

On 11 April 2014 the Court informed us that it would adjourn (pause) the case until after the Investigatory Powers Tribunal in the UK gives its judgment in complaints brought by other organisations including Liberty.

British government to answer fast-track spy challenge

Campaigners have welcomed the decision of the European Court of Human Rights to move quickly in determining whether the recently revealed internet surveillance programmes operated by GCHQ are in breach of the law.

Overwhelming public response to donations call - £20k target raised in two days

An overwhelming response to Privacy not PRISM's £20,000 fundraising has meant their target has been hit after just two days of fundraising.

Legal challenge to UK Internet surveillance

The British public has witnessed a series of alarming disclosures regarding the extent of the surveillance programmes operated by US and UK intelligence services

GCHQ to face European court over mass surveillance

Three of Britain's most prominent campaign groups have today announced the launch of a legal challenge against the actions of GCHQ, alleging it has illegally intruded on the privacy of millions of British and European citizens.